Vendor Risk Management

Expose your weakest links and defend your business against risk.

More than half of all breaches result from third-party vendors

Regardless of your security standards, vendors can be your weakest link. When third parties have access to your business, their security gaps become yours.

Vendefense allows you to identify vendors and focus on those that present the most risk to your organization.


Evaluate Vendors

Review the security practices of each vendor to ensure they are protecting your sensitive data like you would.


Stay Compliant

Detect and remediate compliance issues for all vendors, contractors and consultants before they occur.

Track Risk

Measure and monitor the risk level associated with each vendor, and how that risk impacts your organization.

Generate Assessments

See a numeric value of each vendor’s security posture with a comprehensive FISASCORE®.

Pinpoint Gaps

Shortlist the vendors that could have the biggest impact on your organization so their security gaps don’t become yours.


Monitor Remediation

Watch as vendors correct security issues identified in order to protect their organization and yours.

Backed by more than 100 years of combined information security expertise

Vendefense was custom-built and designed specifically for enterprises that use third-party vendors. This vendor risk management tool eases the burden on program managers who are tasked with evaluating and managing vendors.

Vendefense is the ideal vendor risk management tool for:


  • Provides an honest evaluation of risk based on information security standards
  • Communicates initial level of risk and updates score as risks are resolved
  • Intuitive and simple to use interface

Program Managers

  • Uses a standard security measurement to uncover high, medium and low levels of vendor risk
  • Allows you to focus on the vendors that bring the most risk to your organization
  • Automated workflow is simple, repeatable and transparent


  • Reliable process to evaluate all vendors equally
  • Reduces workloads and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and a dedicated VRM team
  • Never forget a vendor again, and uncover forgotten vendors

Why Vendefense?

Armed with a standardized, risk-based scoring methodology coupled with a built-in remediation plan, Vendefense doesn’t simply communicate risk. Through an easy-to-use automated workflow, Vendefense equally evaluates all third-party vendors and brings your weakest links to the surface. Once the risks are identified, vendors, program managers and the enterprise are alerted and continually updated as vendors remediate risks.

"I found the risk assessment to be the most comprehensive yet easily understood assessment I’ve been involved in."



Patrick Painschab
Senior IT Security Analyst, Coborn’s, Inc.

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