Simplify. Standardize. Defend.

Businesses rely on third-party vendors for a variety of services. Many of these vendors will never come in contact with your sensitive data. But for those that do, your information security is at risk without an adequate means of assessing your vendors’ security practices.

In order to be defensible, you must not only assess your vendors; you must also have a complete inventory of all vendors as well. And you must have thresholds in place to determine if their security practices adequately protect your company’s data.

VENDEFENSE eliminates the hassle and complexity of managing and assessing your vendors. Our automated workflow engine does the work for you by importing your vendor list, classifying all vendors as low, medium or high risk, and assessing the medium- and high-risk vendors.

Once assessed, you determine if their assessment meets your threshold or if remediation is required.

Third Party Risk Dashboard

Backed by more than 100 years of combined information security expertise, VENDEFENSE was custom built and designed specifically for businesses that need to efficiently manage third-party vendors. Spreadsheets are now a thing of the past–VENDEFENSE is a fully automated workflow engine that guides you effortlessly through the process of inventorying, classifying and assessing your vendors.

“At SeaChange, we have hundreds of vendors that we need to manage and make sure that all of their practices and their security postures are as strong and as stringent as ours are.”

Arin Brown, Chief Technology OfficerSeaChange

VENDEFENSE allows you to:

  • Stop using spreadsheets

  • Upload all vendors at once

  • Classify each vendor as high, medium or low risk

  • View all vendors in one dashboard

  • see which vendors pose the biggest risk

  • Automate communication with vendors

  • Request remediation for high-risk vendors

  • Auto-renew vendor assessments

  • Generate management reports