Simplify. Standardize. Defend.

Backed by more than 100 years of combined information security expertise, VENDEFENSE takes the foundation of a good vendor risk management program and streamlines it in an easy-to-use platform. This vendor risk management tool eases the burden on program managers who are tasked with evaluating and managing vendors.

Armed with a standardized, risk-based scoring methodology coupled with a built-in remediation plan, VENDEFENSE doesn’t simply communicate risk. Through an easy-to-use automated workflow, VENDEFENSE equally evaluates all third-party vendors and brings your weakest links to the surface. Once the risks are identified, vendors, program managers and the enterprise are alerted and continually updated as vendors remediate risks.

“Risks are increasing significantly, and not enough is being done by organizations to combat the risks facing their organizations. VENDEFENSE handles every aspect of your VRM program effortlessly, and puts your organization in a defensible position in the event of a security breach.”

-Evan Francen, CEO and Founder, VENDEFENSE